New Label series for Lukas Schmidt Wein
Colorful design of spring and flowers for set of German beverages.
AJANI Rum XO label design
XO Rum label for NIER. Salsa emotions and gold emboss.
Gin, Calvados XO, Whisky and Rum labels
Nautical theme for set of labels: premium calvados, rum, gin and whisky produced by NIER.
Logo and label design for The Highlands Tequila
The Highlands - a new take on a traditional Mexican drink. A simple design with a geometric pattern, self-sufficient and striking in its cleanses and sincerity.
IRVINE'S Gin & Vodka labels
IRVINE'S American Dry Gin and Vodka labels
Les Dérangés Normands liqueur label design
Different elements represented on this label tell us story of Normans invasion, dragons and gold, flowers, mushrooms and butterflies, clocks and chameleons chasing astronaut and spaceship ... alembic, balloons and castle in Normandy, where two owls can tell you even more about all this :)
Eau De Vie - Periodic Table Project
Set of labels inspired by layout of periodic table elements.
Ship's Cat - Set of 3 Rum labels
Ship's Cat Spiced Rum label design
Another story about ship's cat - cook who looks not very inviting.
Aperitivo label with new imagery
New adventures of the Chairman, now in Italy! The Chairman is now riding a Vespa bike in a helmet with the scarf blowing in the wind.
The Chairman's Aperitivo Label
Initial design for Aperitivo
New design for Boardroom Vodka labels
Set of flavored vodka labels. Unique hand-drawn artwork, clean and fresh look.
Northbound Spiced Rum
Railway station somewhere in tropical land as a story for spiced rum label.
Fire Bear Cinnamon & Honey Whiskey Label
Flying bear with high voltage flames and sparks between his paws...
Thoraz Gold Rum Punch
Forager Gin label.
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